[Public] Welcome to Earn Alliance

🚀 The Mission

We believe in a world where games can positively transform the lives of billions. Yes, you read that right: billions. We are shaping that future by building communities and tools to inspire and empower gamers to unlock their full potential. Join us.

🧬 Who are we?

Earn Alliance is a seed-stage 4.75M USD venture-backed startup created by a group of individuals who believe in a world where Web 3 games (GameFi) can positively transform the lives of many. Everyone at Earn Alliance brings their own area of expertise whether that be in engineering, marketing, finance, design, and more - we exist to make life-changing opportunities more accessible to everyone. We aim to do this by building communities and tools to empower gamers and unlock their full potential in an ethical way.

What problem are we solving?

The GameFi industry is in its infancy, and with any new frontier, it comes with a myriad of problems ranging from difficulty navigating the new technology, games that are just not that fun, and downright slimy get-rich-quick projects. Communities are hesitant and struggle to find and connect with each other. But with lots of problems, comes lots of opportunity. Today, the problem we’ll solve is helping gamers discover web3 games and game developers connect with genuine fans of their hard work.

🧠 How are we solving it?

With such a wide range of problems a new industry presents, we believe it all starts with building a community - having a trusted place to learn and share, then listen and service the community. We are building the Earn Alliance Community as a one-stop-shop for quality news, a directory of games, and a place where gamers can create verified on-chain profiles to share their achievements. From here we are taking a bottoms-up approach, listening to our community and building based on their needs.

Under our product line Earn Management we are building tools and partnering with gamers and game developers to help facilitate transactions within specific games. Our tools will evolve into the GG Exchange where we aim to create a game marketplace aggregator and exchange where you can make data-driven decisions over your NTF purchases and sales.

Finally, we’ve bootstrapped Earn Studios, a game publishing arm, ****where we collaborate with game studios to onboard games to web3 that we believe are FUN, have sustainable economics, and have talented developers. The first game to be published is Last Remains, a AAA steal zombie battle royale web3 game… (yes a mouth full).

It sounds like a lot, but every piece is intertwined and builds upon itself, and we plan to spend the next decade building out these exciting pillars. We are looking to tackle this new industry holistically and while it won’t change overnight, we believe it’s the first step in creating a gaming space and economics that benefits every player - the gamer, the investor, and the game developer. Check out more about us including our litepaper here.